Monday, March 12, 2007

Surveillance Officer

Under the supervision of the Surveillance Supervisor, the incumbent will perform surveillance of gaming tables, video machines, cages, and slot booth operations, and will conduct audio/visual taping of count room operations. High school diploma or GED required... The employee must possess a gaming license with surveillance endorsement and must occasionally lift and/or move up to fifty pounds.

Please send resume and salary requirements to: Mashantucket Tribal Nation

From Help Wanted ad

You land this job, bunky, the thing you're going to have to watch most is your step. Lifting and moving up to 50 pounds? Up there above the ceiling tiles, with all those wires and that equipment!

Hey, I'm the Surveillance Associate. I have a gaming license and a freakin' GED. Heavy lifting? Not my job, man. Not my job!

But that's after you get the job. First question to ask in the interview might be:

Uh, just curious but...

What would I be expected to, like move and, uh, ya know. Lift?

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