Friday, March 30, 2007

Some thoughts that occurred to me this evening...

It's Donna's birthday. I gave her a CD, a Cindy Lauper CD. Cooked dinner for Donna. Cindy covers songs on the CD I gave Donna. The title:

At Last ( He's cooking for ME! )

Happy Birthday Bella Donna. Happy Birthday.


I heard from my old friend, Fred, who lives out near Reno, Nevada. Fred and I were stationed together at RAf Chicksands In England. We were a part of a circle of friends, who got to know London like the back of our hands.

Fred and I reconnected a few years ago. I emailed him and he emailed me.

This one email sticks in my mind. Fred lives in the mountains northwest of Las Vegas. That area gets snow like Buffalo get snow. Feet of it. Feet upon feet upon feet. Fred emailed me a few years ago. Said he has this tennis ball and this dog. He tosses the tennis ball, aims at the mailbox. The dog races towards the ball, retrieves it, brings it back to Fred. Fred throws the ball towards the mailbox again. The dog plows through the snow and gets the ball. Brings it back. The process is repeated again and again.

Pretty soon a path is cleared. Fred can walk easily from his house to the mailbox, and back to the house. Easy go. Easy come. Easy come. Easy go.

I think it's amazing. After all these years, Fred and I still are talking to each other. Via Email.

It's like a path has been cleared. Like a ball has been thrown. Like a dog running back and forth, tween the box and the house...

It's been 35 years since I laid eyes on old Fred. But we're talking.

Thanks to that dog.


Anonymous said...

Hi Terry, Just got down readin your blogs - very interesting, does your mother know you swear??haha. Hope this get to you cause I don't have an email address here only in school. Have to have Todd fix me up with one. Hope you had a good b day - should have written this on your email address. bye for now.

Elleana said...

Hi Terry,just finished reading all your blogs, some I agree with, and SOME I DON'T. Hope you had a good b day - I should have written this on your email Hope this goes through, I'll look to see after.
By the way, does your mother know you swear???????????

Terry said...

Well, these two comments made my day. And after I'd just posted stuff about a cousin. Thanks, cousin. Thanks Elleana. Here's the deal. You keep reading, I'll keep writing.

And make sure you read about Fred, , my buddy who lives somewhere near Reno, Nevada. He's recovering from back surgery ( Not Elton John surgery ) He's the one with the dog that clears the path between his house and the mailbox.

Hell ( Oops ) Heck of a guy