Thursday, March 29, 2007

YouTube - Vicious Underground - Busload of Faith (Lou Reed)

I'm slipping over that line that's drawn in the sand, the one that separates the cynics from the skeptics... As Mortimer Adler has written, a moderate degree of skepticism is healthy. Cynicism, or as Adler calls it, extreme skepticism ( Another word for it is Pyrrhonism, after that philosophical elder statesman Pyrro ) isn't so healthy. I'm getting to the point where I don't believe anyone anymore.

Take Jonathan Papelbon for example. And Theo Epstein. Who the hell are they? Are they philosophers? you might well ask. Are they politicians? No. Papelbon is a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox and Theo is the general manager. Theo is also the grandson and grandnephew of the screenwriters who penned " Casablanca. " That's thought by many film mavins to be the best screenplay of all time. So it comes as no surprise, or shouldn't that Theo's a major league liar. What is fiction and creative writing if not lie after lie after lie, one piled on top of the other. Did I mention? Theo's father is the head of the creative writing program at Boston University.

I won't bore you non baseball fans with the details about what happened with Jonathan Papelbon. Suffice it to say, telling the truth ain' t exactly in this guy Theo's DNA.

Where was I?

LiarLand. FibVille. Mudville. That's where.

I have this Tourette's like thing going whenever I get into a position where I'm slipping over some kind of line drawn in the sand. After my latest Fredo sighting on TV, I did what I do in cases like this:

I break out into poetry.

You're A Lyin' Sack of Shit

By Terrence McCarthy

I won't pull my punches
I'm going with my hunches
I saw you and heard you today.

There's so little doubt
You've abused your clout
And your " word? "
I don't Bee-Leeve it.

A sack of shit's what you are,
You're lyin'
And you do it, it seems, without even tryin'

You're a bag of wind,
And a fiend, too
I can't help but demean you

You lyin' sack of shit,
You don't care about IT,
IT being truth that's so rare in these days.

I hope someone gets ya
For these lies that you're tellin'
I hope I can calm down and stop all my yellin'

Will it happen?
But I'm praying, I'm praying,
That come April you'll be doing title searches for folks buying haciendas
In Mexico.

I know, I know. Not exactly Robert Lowell. Maybe I should leave it to Lou to talk about lies, and faith and all that...
YouTube - Vicious Underground - Busload of Faith (Lou Reed)


Terry #3 said...

I've said it before now I'll say it again...and we wonder where the new Cole Porters are coming from. Ecce homo.

Terry #1 said...

I'm not sure if my good friend from the great state of Chad, er, Florida, is commenting on Lou Reed's lyrical skills, or mine. I'm surprised he didn't call me on ( Almost ) stealing a title from Jacob Gershowitz, AKA George Gershwin. Who penned that classic:

Rhapsody in Brown

Terry #2 said...

Oops. I seem to have stolen the identity of the gentleman from western Connecticut. The last post was from Terry #2, not Terry #1. I know. I know. It's hard to keep us straight.