Saturday, March 10, 2007

The website Technorati indexes blogs. There are untold millions of blogs out there in the sphere. Thousands added each day. Most of them are probably pretty Godawful. I am a faithful reader of some.

There's this guy who lives south of the Mason-Dixon line who calls himself Jake. Like Jake in the film some say boasted the second best screenplay in Hollywood history.


" Forget it Jake. It's Chinatown. " That's the line that appears above what Jake writes in his blog. It's a great line. Rivals some of those written in what's considered by many to be the best screenplay ever: The one for Casablanca.

You want an intelligent take on what's going down in this world, read Jake's Spyral Notebook.

Another blog I read regularly is Terry Cowgill's. Terry's an editor of a daily paper up in western Connecticut. Western Connecticut, where when ya go to the convenience store to grab a plastic bottle of 2% milk off the shelf, and a loaf of rye bread - you're likely to have standing in line behind you someone like Norman Mailer, Arthur Miller, Bill Styron. Sure, some of the writers you run into will have a ghostly form. And Mailer hasn't lived out that way in years...

But you know what I'm getting at. The western hills of Connecticut are alive with the sounds of the voices of literary giants...

Terry's blog's a damn good one. An eclectic mix of local, national, worldly and cosmic musings and comments. Checking in with his blog is like dropping into a tavern, or ambling onto the town green. You'll be in good company there.

Colin McEnroe's blog. What can ya say about that one? I've been reading and listening to McEnroe since the days when I was a creative director for an ad agency in Hartford. He was a columnist for the Hartford Courant. Wrote three columns a week for that paper. How hard is that? You try writing 750 words, three times a week. 750 words that'll hold the attention of thousands of readers. Inform them and keep them amused. Three times a fookin' week. 750 words.

Blogs. There's a lot of them out there. Most of them bad. Some of them good. Others...


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and not a single word of praise for the script of "Ernest Goes to Camp"?