Thursday, March 29, 2007

He was careful to have men under him who were not quite as bright as he was, and he particularly understood the dangers of talent... "

That's from Stephen Hunter's " Point of Impact " which is the 1993 novel upon which Mark Wahlberg's new movie " Shooter " is based. I'm reading that now. It's a terrific book. The writing reminds me of James Lee Burke's novels set in The Big Easy. It reminds me of Christopher Whitcomb. And, written 14 or so years ago, it's so very on target, relevant. At least that paragraph is.

And one more thing. Sampson, the A.G.'s chief of staff, testified before congress today. Another Libby like chief of staff thrown to the wolves. There's a pattern here. Underlings falling on the sword. Remember what happened at that prison in Iraq. All those naked men. Those leashes. Those women. Who took the blame?

The evil doers. Not those who gave them their orders and condoned the evil they did.

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