Monday, March 26, 2007

Last year 3,100,000 people entered's NCAA men's college basketball tournament pool. Of those, four ( 4 ) people got the Final Four right.

The odds aren't good. They're bloody awful. They're almost as bad as the odds that Anna Nicole will come back from the dead, call a press conference, and announce: " Never mind. "

The odds are not good. Yet my 86 year old mother in law, up until yesterday, had all four of her teams still in the running. Sure, we had to talk her out of, when she was filling out her brackets, picking Brandeis and Yeshiva...

" They're not in it this year, Sarah. Their RPIs were more like RIPs. Maybe next year. "

Sarah's more into football, than basketball. Her late husband, Danny watched a lot of football on the TV. Her eldest son, Michael, who lives out near Santa Cruz, runs a pool in which Sarah has participated since Danny died ten years ago. Carrying on the tradition.

It's like my Mom. Never was a Red Sox fan, until my father died. Dad was a fan. Oh boy was he ever. I can remember times when he had to be restrained, kept by force from throwing the Philco out the window. After the Sox lost a close one in the late innings at Fenway.

But Sarah. She got game ( That's an old Jewish way of putting it; the other guys stole it ) And don't even think about sayin' Jewish folks can't jump. You put the mah jongg tiles up there on the top shelf when the men are watching sports on TV...

Just watch the Sarahs, the Estelles and the Rachels spread their wings and leap.

So Sarah's not doing as well as she was yesterday. She doesn't have all four teams, but she has three. She's a player...

But she probably can't wait til this is over next week. She probably can't wait to get back to the game she's really good at.

Mah Jongg anyone?

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