Monday, March 12, 2007

Only four percent of the universe is made up of the kind of matter that makes up you and me and all the planets and stars and galaxies. The rest - 96 percent - is unknown.

OK. I'll buy that. But I have a question, and yes, it has to do with the national pastime again. In which percentile does Red Sox left fielder Manny Ramirez fall?

Talk about March Madness. April through October Madness. Manny being Manny. Madness.

The Sox are playing the Yankees tonight. The Yankees left fielder is the Japanese superstar Hidecki Matsui. Matsui was out all last year with a broken wrist. Soon after he injured himself diving for a ball, he apologized to his teammates for letting them down. For not being there when they needed him.

Just Hidecki being Hidecki.

Speaking of March Madness. I'm in the process of doing the brackets. I'm not sure what the verb is. Bracketeering? There are so many team names on my mind right now. Sixty something. Hoyas. Blue Devils. Terrepins. Bruins. Vols. Fighting Irish. Wolverines. And can't keep them straight...

My head's spinning.

And I'm multi-tasking to boot. Watching the Red Sox play that other team. The one from New York. I can't think of their name. It'll come to me. When all this March Madness is over in April. When the real madness begins.

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