Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The following is a comment I made on a blog I've been reading lately. It's written by a guy who's a newspaper editor up in Litchfield County, Connecticut...

Your last post was 3 days ago. I think this is a good thing. Suggests you have a life ( Outside of Blogville ) Interesting what happens when this happens. Your readers ( OK, this reader ) anticipates what you might write about next. It’s like when I was an airman stationed in South Carolina during the Peloponnesian War. ( OK, it was Vietnam ) My buddy Jim and I both subscribed to Time. We had this weekly ritual. Tried to guess what would be on the cover of Time next week. Looking back on it all, I see it now for what it probably was. An attempt on our parts to control, or at least perceive it as control, a world spinning out of same. The cover story we dreaded was one that sent this message: Johnson orders ( even more ) troops to war torn southeast Asia.

Which might mean Jim and I would be getting our tans not on the Grand Strand north of Charleston. But somewhere on the coast of the south China sea.

So. What’ll you be writing about next? Hillary, and how she broke into that black woman accent in Selma last weekend? Who did she think she was..

Butterfly McQueen for a Day?

Maybe Libby’s what you’ll write about. Pretty amazing coincidence re: him. Presidential pardons are being talked about again. Last time a prez pardoned a man was back in the 90s when Clinton pardoned fugitive financier Marc Rich…

Whose attorney at that time was…
Scooter Libby.

What goes around comes around and all that. I wonder:

What’s gonna be on the cover of Time next week. And what will you write about next?

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