Monday, March 5, 2007

Ann Coulter knows what she's doing. Make no mistake, I cannot stand Ann Coulter. But when she implies in a joke that John Edwards is a " faggot, " she understands what the consequences will be:

She's going to get an enormous amount of attention from the cable news guys. And that she did tonight.

Does Coulter think Edwards is gay? Of course not. Was she making a point about freedom of speech? Yeah. Sort of. A few weeks ago an actor used that " F " word and then checked himself into rehab. That was the reference.

Truth be told, it wasn't a bad joke. But Coulter's a lot like John Kerry. Some people, when it comes to humor, have perfect pitch. Others can't carry a tune. They shouldn't tell jokes.

Unless they couldn't care less about getting a laugh. Unless what they really want is attention.

Ann Coulter knows what she's doing. I kid you not.

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